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Privacy and Cookies – how are they connected?

The data and information provided by the customers to Bitcoin Pro will be saved with due care and confidentiality. However, Bitcoin Pro is only and exclusively permitted to use the customer’s data in the context of the execution of its obligation to supply or for dealing with a complaint.

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Bitcoin Pro will never be liable for the loss of money or Bitcoins due to problems with the Bitcoin exchange or the careless transfer of funds or Bitcoins by the customers from – or to – the Bitcoin exchange.

Bitcoin Pro will never be liable for the loss of money or Bitcoins due to problems with Bitcoin or the Bitcoin network or the decrease in value of Bitcoin due to any fraudulent activity.

Bitcoin Pro will never be liable for indirect loss, including in any event consequential loss, lost profit, lost savings, loss due to business interruption, or intangible loss on the part of the prospective customers.

Bitcoin Pro will not be liable for damage of whatsoever nature because Bitcoin Pro has proceeded from inaccurate and/or incomplete data provided by the customers unless this inaccuracy or incompleteness ought to be apparent to Bitcoin Pro.

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